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Welcome to VR Counselling Services
Here you can find a confidential and safe environment to explore any
problems - and find out how you can bring about that needed change.

Counselling can be provided through face to face sessions, telephone, email or by on-line services such as Skype.
The choice is yours.

After twenty years working within Pharmacy (mental health) I embarked on a second career in counselling. I came to believe that sometimes there may be other, possibly better ways of dealing with our problems other than just relying on medication alone.

I completed all my counselling training at Lincoln over a ten year period and have gained much experience over twenty five years including working with children and adolescents managing an evidence based practice within schools. I have been running a private counselling practice since 2004.

I have experience of working as a therapist with children and adults who bring a variety of issues including depression, work-place stress, relationship issues, bereavement and anxiety.

I also offer one off therapy for personal development and clinical supervision.

My training to date includes:
Certificate in Counselling Skills, Certificate in Counselling Theory, Advanced Diploma in Counselling, and Higher Professional Diploma in Counselling (Graduated 2006).

For your assurance I adhere to the framework and ethics of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.
Click here to visit BACP website   BACP

I work using an integrative approach with a psychodynamic core, providing brief or long term intervention for many varying problems including:
Work related stress
Relationship problems including couples therapy
Sexual identity
Childhood abuse

I also have Professional Indemnity Insurance and undertake confidential Clinical Supervision for client work. This ensures safe practices of work for both counsellor and client.

Certificates for all the above are available at your request.


I work day time or evening.
An initial assessment can be arranged via telephone or email, followed by 50 minute counselling sessions (usually on a weekly basis) in my office at Kexby. There are car parking facilities including access if you are not able bodied. Please inform me of any further assistance you may require PRIOR to visit.

I work day time or evening.
An initial assessment can be arranged via telephone or email, followed by 50 minute counselling sessions (usually on a weekly basis) online using video or voice conferencing such as Skype, Facebook Messenger, or Zoom.

I work day time or evening.
An initial assessment can be arranged via telephone or email followed by 50 minute counselling sessions (usually on a weekly basis)

Simply send an email stating as much information as possible about your current problem to
I will endeavour to reply within 24 hours*, and no longer than 72 hours.
* NB (payment must be received before reply will be sent)

Face to face counselling sessions (50 minutes)£40.00

Couples counselling session £45

Telephone counselling sessions(50 minutes)* £40.00

On-line counselling sessions via video (50 minutes)* £40.00

Email (per reply) * £20.00

Counsellor Supervision £40 per hour (£30 for students)

* These methods require payment PRIOR to commencement of the counselling session.

(24 hours notice is required for any cancellations to prevent incurring costs)

What is counselling and will it help me?
Most people seek counselling at times of stress - when they are feeling unable to cope. Also, more people are seeking counselling instead of, or in addition to visiting their GP for answers.
Counselling provides an opportunity to truly express our problems, and to recognise unhelpful thoughts or patterns of behaviour which were previously unseen. This learning can then bring about the strength needed to effect much welcome change that in turn, increases our sense of wellbeing.

Counselling can help to:
Increase your self awareness
Identify and manage change
Become more independent
Come to terms with early experiences
Be better equipped for the future
Live a more satisfying/meaningful life

How long will it take and how many sessions will I need?
Every person is a unique individual and it's rather like asking how long is a piece of string! The usual protocol is to agree to six sessions of 50 minutes on a weekly basis, but ultimately it is your decision when to cease therapy. Both you and your counsellor will feel when the time is right.

Is counselling confidential?
Effective counselling is underpinned by confidentiality. Only in extreme circumstances is confidentiality not guaranteed. This would be discussed more fully at the initial assessment stage.

What if I don't like my counsellor for some reason?
Not a problem, you could simply be referred to another counsellor.

There's so much that feels wrong that I just don't know where to start.
A counsellor is trained to help you begin the process and support you all along your own journey - to enable YOU to discover your own answers.

Counselling is very expensive and I just don't know whether I can afford it?
Flexible charges and concessions are available and can be discussed at initial assessment stage.

I don't live near enough to visit and don't know whether to telephone, email or 'chat' on Facebook?
Some people benefit from being able to chat on their computer in the comfort of their own home. It can also be more private than talking on the telephone. Others find that talking on the phone is more beneficial, especially when their typing skills are slow or they are worried about their spelling! It doesn't matter to me, it's your choice. Choose whichever method you find most comfortable. Some people start with an email and move on to phoning or Facebook messaging. Again, it's up to you.



Vicky Rouse
Kexby Cottage, Kexby Lane, Kexby. DN21 5NE

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